How can we ensure Bazaar (bzr) remains active?

Kevin Carrasco m1ndstr3ngthapps at
Thu Sep 24 03:59:46 UTC 2015

To be very honest, I do see that bzr has lost the DVCS market.

Git is the winner by a extremely large margin, but that doesn't make it 
the best; in fact, I feel it's 3rd in ranking for true history/revision 
tracking (Bzr first, Hg second, Git third).

Hg is still holding on, it's still very active, and has considerable 
projects using it. Is this the most realistic alternative to Bzr users 
who don't like Git?

But should we really abandon one of the only DVCS offerings that's 
actually part of the GNU project, is almost completely Python-based, was 
designed instead of built (Git's slop of pieced together commands and 
scripts is not a purpose-built design), has the cleanest UI, and is the 
only one that does branching correctly? :-(

As of now, I'm using both Bzr and Hg actively...  but I'm only promoting 
Bzr to see if we can put some life back into it.

Kevin C.

On 09/23/2015 06:22 AM, Russel Winder wrote:
> I think we have to admit that, whilst better in so many ways, Bazaar
> lost to Git and Mercurial – for many reasons many of which came out in
> this thread.
> And as we are seeing, Atlassian now seem to be on a campaign to kill
> off Mercurial by making BitBucket a Git repository host.
> Mercurial has quite a lot of active resource behind it, but despite
> this the Git steamroller, backed by so much resource, is flattening all
> opposition.
> For me the important thing is not to try and preserve the current
> Bazaar project, but to preserve all the ideas ready for the next
> project which will be to to write a Git replacement in a rapidly post
> -Git world.
> Step 1 will be to choose one of Python 3, Go, D, Rust as the language
> of implementation. Step 2 will be to take the very excellent Bazaar
> branch ideas and place them not in a Launchpad context, but in a post
> -(Launchpad|GitHub|GitLab|BitBucket) context: grow the collaboration
> model/tool/environment at the same time as the repository and its
> tools.

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