How can we ensure Bazaar (bzr) remains active?

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>> bzr-git is slow because it has to do format conversion - it can't
>> simply copy the pack file like "plain" Dulwich and C Git can. bzr-git
>> fetches from a Git format repository into a Bazaar format repository.
>> This means that when bzr-git fetches it has to recreate every Git
>> fulltext by applying the Git delta chain to create that fulltext, and
>> then insert it into the Bazaar repository (which involves generating
>> a pack filled with deltas in Bazaar's format).
> My reading of this is that having a bzr-like UI that uses bzr-git as
> back-end is a non-starter to begin with.

Actually its in-principle possible to generate bzr format compressed
texts directly from git ones: it wouldn't be as compressed, but its a
fairly trivial transform.


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