How can we ensure Bazaar (bzr) remains active?

Kevin m1ndstr3ngthapps at
Tue Sep 22 02:23:44 UTC 2015

I'm using it on a daily basis for my personal projects and really enjoy 
the UI and the mental model of the repository.

The rebase/rewrite plugin is also not actively developed; last release 
was in 2012 :'-(
What is it with bzr being so left behind?

I definitely am spreading the word. I've been trying to convince my 
coworkers and friends to use it, but they're having the same initial 
reservations which I had -- Why are the latest releases so old? Why so 
few plugins? Why so little public repository host support? Sadly, I 
didn't have any good responses.

Still, let's move it forward. I'm currently exploring the source code to 
get ready to branch it and contribute some patches! :-)


> On 09/20/2015 10:47 PM, Sebastien Alaiwan wrote:
>> On 2015-09-21 03:34, Kevin wrote:
>>> I'm a professional software engineer and have been using Mercurial 
>>> (|hg|) DVCS for about a year. I've tried Git but I did not like it, 
>>> Mercurial was much more user-friendly. These two SCM projects are 
>>> very active; lots of contributors committing often to trunk. I just 
>>> recently discovered Bazaar (|bzr|) and I have found it to be the 
>>> very best, user-friendly, intuitive DVCS; more than any other. 
>> It is.
>> I'm also a professional software engineer. I use Bazaar on a daily 
>> basis at work/home.
>>> Sadly, the latest stable release is over 2 years old, and the latest 
>>> stable Windows release is over 3 years old! :-( This detracts 
>>> potential users from using bzr, thinking that it must be not well 
>>> supported; or that it is not as popular as git and hg because it is 
>>> somehow "not as good".
>> Bazaar is better than git on practically every point, except four, by 
>> importance:
>> a) submodules/externals: nesting projects is becoming more and more 
>> popular, and Bazaar has no support for them. Nested trees are still 
>> not available. And the bzr-externals plugins is only close-to-usable.
>> it's a pity, because git submodule support works, but is painfully 
>> slow (the whole external git repository must be downloaded, even if 
>> you only need one precise revision).
>> b) support for other repository types: the 'bzr-git' plugin and 
>> 'bzr-svn' plugin (allowing r/w access to git/svn repos) have been 
>> removed from Debian testing.
>> c) rebasing: it's common practise, in community-based software 
>> development, when you send pull requests, to have a clean history. 
>> The bzr-rewrite plugin seems to do the job quite well, why not 
>> integrate it?
>> d) speed: git is incredibly fast. Not a dealbreaker, though, as 
>> Bazaar is fast enough.
>>> Please let me know anything else I can do to help. I want the Bazaar 
>>> DVCS to be more active, I think it's a great software tool! :-) 
>> 1) Spread the word. If you're a professional software engineer, tell 
>> others about Bazaar at work. All my team projects are now using Bazaar.
>> I think the vast majority of people using git and "loving it" 
>> directly came from Subversion.
>> A lot of software teams are still using Subversion, and they need to 
>> be shown how to switch to Bazaar before any brain-damaging exposure 
>> to git.
>> (The first killer Bazaar feature to show to your 
>> still-using-subversion teammates is the "bzr shelve" command)
>> 2) I'm also a Launchpad user. But github is way more popular. At the 
>> moment, all github users are git users.
>> Bazaar needs a strongly and reliable git repository support. This 
>> way, github users will have an opportunity to realize that Bazaar 
>> might be a better git client than git :-)
>>> We cannot (and should not) allow such an awesome DVCS to fall into a 
>>> state of being unused, ignored, and eventually abandoned. Rather, 
>>> let's improve it, spread it, and use it!
>> Amen brother.

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