Python 3 Support: A Plan of Action

Barry Warsaw barry at
Thu Sep 3 22:39:04 UTC 2015

On Sep 03, 2015, at 04:26 PM, Richard Wilbur wrote:

>Since python 3.5 is currently in release candidate form, by the time
>we are ready for step 0 we may be able to require python 2.7.10+ or
>3.5+!  I expect this will simplify some of the issues regarding
>dealing with bytes and disk or network/wire formats.  (As of 10 Aug
>the expected release date for python 3.5 is mid-September.)[4]

Really great to hear the plans for Python 3 support!  I wish I had time to
help. ;)

I might suggest continuing to support Python 3.4 even after 3.5 is released,
at least for a little while.  We'll have Python 3.5 as a supported (but not
default) version in Ubuntu 15.10 and will almost certainly be switching to 3.5
as default in 16.04.  We might even drop 3.4 in 16.04.  However Ubuntu 14.04
LTS will still have Python 3.4 and the transition to Python 3.5 is in the
beginning stages in Debian experimental.  I don't know what the plans are for
other distros.


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