Suggested fix lp:#213718 (bazaar pager)

Daniel Vedder d.vedder at
Sat Jul 4 21:32:22 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I finally managed to untangle the web and have submitted a merge request.


On 04.05.2015 20:25, Daniel Vedder wrote:
> @Vincent:
> I did as you said, removed the stacked_on_location both locally and on
> Launchpad and tried again - same error.
> I suspect the cause might be that there has been another commit to the
> main Bazaar branch since I downloaded the source code, so I tried
> updating my local branch using 'bzr pull'. Unfortunately, I now run into
> problems with my NTFS file system (as before). I do not have permission
> as a normal user to carry out the pull, but when I try to do it as root
> with sudo, it refuses to use my SSH key which I use to login to
> Launchpad (as that key is specific to my normal user account). Looks
> like a bit of a deadlock...
> On 04.05.2015 11:06, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
>>>>>>> Richard Wilbur <richard.wilbur at> writes:
>>     > On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 6:10 AM, Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp at> wrote:
>>     >>>>>>> Daniel Vedder <d.vedder at> writes:
>>     >> 
>>     >> > If I understand you correctly, that would mean I have to upload the
>>     >> > entire project history again?
>>     >> 
>>     >> Not, launchpad will stack on lp:bzr by default.
>>     > If I understand correctly that means stacks on lp:bzr
>>     > without the user specifying a stacked branch.
>> Yes.
>>     > So the issue with Daniel's configuration was that the launchpad
>>     > plugin in bzr will interact with lp:bzr on his behalf as if his
>>     > branch was already stacked on lp:bzr--without explicitly
>>     > configuring the stacking?
>> It seems Daniel's configured the stacking explicitly which confused
>> either its local bzr or the remote one (I'm unclear on the details to be
>> honest but having a *local* stacked_on_location is unexpected).
>>        Vincent

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