Suggested fix lp:#213718 (bazaar pager)

Daniel Vedder d.vedder at
Sun Apr 12 20:04:54 UTC 2015

OK, I added the BZR_PAGER variable and figured out how to auto-adjust
the pager-threshold. Along the way I discovered an undocumented variable
BZR_COLUMNS from, so I added a documentation entry for it.

@Richard: I couldn't exactly change my previous code to match your
suggestions, because Python doesn't seem to support variable assignment
inside a test condition:

+            start = 0
+            while (start = text.find("\n", start)+1) > 0: # gives an error
+                number_of_lines = number_of_lines + 1

Otherwise, I implemented your suggestions.

You will find the newest diff in the attachment (relative to the main
branch). I would appreciate it if some people would try it out, it
worked for me, but perhaps I missed something.


On 12.04.2015 07:41, Richard Wilbur wrote:
> @Joshua:  Thanks for clearing the air regarding stacked branches.
> Thank you also for the link to the blog post--interesting and
> informative reading.  I'm glad for the good architectural choices of
> the past.
> @Daniel:  My initial inclination would be to make pager-threshold
> configurable rather than hard coding it.  We could use 23 for the
> default value.
> Self-adjusting pager-threshold would be another interesting direction.
> What about querying to see if we are on a terminal and then, if so,
> querying how tall the terminal is?
> I would also vote for BZR_PAGER environment variable support to
> provide a more consistent public interface.
> Later,
> Richard

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