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Alexander Belchenko alexander.belchenko at
Mon Apr 6 17:18:34 UTC 2015


Last 2 years at my work I've been using svn as main VCS. But I'm using bzr
on top of svn (without bzr-svn, it does not work, probably version mismatch
with my command-line client). Anyway, I'm mostly using bzr as log and diff
viewer in such situation, and to track svn history I want bzr mainline to
have the same commit messages as in svn. I used to use pair of scripts to
automatize this, but finally decided to convert those scripts to proper bzr
plugin. It's not rockect science and I'd like to have something better in
this area, but right now it helps me to keep things in sync and keep my
mental sanity.

The plugin code is here:
To install:
bzr branch lp:~bialix/+junk/bzr-commitfromsvn commitfromsvn
to your plugins directory.
See readme of bzr help commitfromsvn

Strange to say, but TortoiseSVN is not as good as I expect after QBzr, so
I'm using svn with command-line client only. My plugin works on top of cli
tools (svn and bzr) and it's really quick and dirty hack. Don't expect too
much :-)

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