bzr-fastimport Maintenance

Richard Wilbur richard.wilbur at
Thu Jun 5 05:19:33 UTC 2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I spoke with Jelmer Vernooij regarding maintenance of the
bzr-fastimport plugin.  He said he took over as maintainer from Ian
Clatworthy, but that right now it doesn't have a maintainer.

When I look at the Launchpad page for the bzr-fastimport project[0] it
lists the maintainer as the 'Members of “Bzr-fastimport”' team[1]:

CME Team1 2010-01-19 – Approved
[Ian Clatworthy 2008-03-13 – Administrator]
James Westby 2008-03-13 – Approved
Jelmer Vernooij 2008-03-13 – Approved
John A Meinel 2008-03-13 – Approved
Martin Pool 2011-01-19 – Administrator
Matt McClure 2008-07-15 – Approved
Miklos Vajna 2009-08-06 – Approved

My familiarity with the current state of development of the plugin is
somewhat limited, but I did notice two active review requests[2].
They look related but I thought I would ask whether any of you are
interested in reviewing them before I jump in to try and find out how
to start my online education (unsure how long that would take) till I
can express an informed opinion.



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