bzr fast-export treatment of tags

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Wed Apr 16 06:13:12 UTC 2014

On 16 Apr 2014 07:09, "Richard Wilbur" <richard.wilbur at> wrote:
> To quote some documentation I just wrote for the new --no-tags option
> for bzr fast-export:
>     Since bzr uses per-branch tags and git/hg use per-repo tags, the
>      way bzr fast-export presently emits tags (unconditional reset &
>      new ref) may result in clashes when several different branches
>      are imported into single git/hg repo.  If this occurs, use the
>      bzr fast-export option --no-tags during the export of one or more
>      branches to avoid the issue.
> Would there be a better way to treat the export of tags in bzr
> fast-export in order to soften--if not eliminate--the issue of tag
> clashes as outlined above?  I'm not intimately acquainted with the
> details of this one.

The thought occurs that prepending the branch name to all tags would work
as a way of getting them into the new repository.

Providing an option for a custom global prefix for all tags would probably
also be helpful, and require code changes in the same places
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