Windows installer for bzr 2.6

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Sat Apr 12 15:35:38 UTC 2014

T.h.a.n.k.s. s.o. m.u.c.h. !

>>>>> Mark Grandi <markgrandi at> writes:

    > There were instructions but I think they were not complete in
    > certain ways, I can certainly modify it to better reflect what is
    > needed

MP or it didn't happen :-p

    > The problem I had was the PO files, it seems that gettext or libiconv
    > were returning a non 0 error code saying something about file
    > descriptors, funnily enough I googled the error message and found that
    > tortoiseSVN lists that message as 'normal' in a log checker program
    > they have for their own installer!

Hold on, the 2.6 release tar files should already contain those files
IIRC ? Or is that error occurring during some later processing ?

    > So are the po files normally required for the win installer?

No idea, sorry, does something break if you don't have them (apart from
the error above that is).

    > I removed gettext from my path so it didn't attempt to compile the
    > po files, but I can modify the installer script to accept the non
    > zero return code if its actually doing anything. If its just
    > erroring out id like to know how previous people dealt with that
    > issue

Whatever works,

    > I'll upload the installer I have tommrow

That could be done with what you have indeed !

Also, were you able to run the tests ?

I don't expect them all to pass, but it would be good to have some
feedback at that point (note that the last time I heard about them,
nothing blocking a release was identified, just bit rot in the tests


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