Forking baazar to add Python 3.x support

Mark Grandi markgrandi at
Fri Mar 7 19:59:40 UTC 2014

Well I didn't mean it that way, what I meant was, since windows users
rarely have python installed, and the bzr installer includes it's own
version of python, whether we use python 2 or 3 does not matter because
on windows we control the exact version of python used by bzr. If we
did switch, a version of python would have to be decided upon and that
would be used to program plugins against and included with installers,

However, has anyone read the recent 'drama' I would say on the hg
mailing list about python 3? They like bazaar use python 2 at the
moment and are having trouble porting to py3 because of the changes to
strings, where you can't treat strings as bytes, and they were
using .format() to construct certain byte strings, and are lamenting
that the new bytes type in py3 does not have a format method.

I personally would be very confused on how format() would work with a
bytes type, but I feel like many python programs, treating strings as
bytes as wrong from the start, and they should rewrite the code to use
the bytes type in py3.

Anyway, anyone have any insights on of bazaar has the same sort of
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Subject: Re: Forking baazar to add Python 3.x support
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> windows: we install a python installation anyway, so it doesn't matter what
> version of python bazaar uses

Not if one wants to compile extensions written in C that are part of
unbundled plugins.  Then you'd need a Python that is compatible with
the one used to produce Bazaar.

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