Forking baazar to add Python 3.x support

Richard Wilbur richard.wilbur at
Fri Mar 7 18:17:26 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Mark Grandi <markgrandi at> wrote:
> i also don't see why its a bad thing, since lets consider the platforms that
> bazaar runs on:
> linux: [...]
> windows: [...]
> mac: [...]
Thanks for elucidating the relative Python 3 availability on the major
platforms where bzr is used.  At least that does not sound like Python
3 availability is going to be a big issue.  Does anyone know about bzr
use and Python 3 availability on other platforms such as BSD, et

> Not to mention that python3 is the 'future' of python, i think 2.7 is the
> last python 2 major release?

"The final 2.x version 2.7 release came out in mid-2010, with a
statement of extended support for this end-of-life release. The 2.x
branch will see no new major releases after that. 3.x is under active
development and has already seen over four years of stable releases,
including version 3.3 in 2012. The next release is the upcoming Python
3.4 in early 2014. This means that all recent standard library
improvements, for example, are only available by default in Python
3.x." [0]

Python 2.x is in maintenance. The latest release of Python 2.7 is
Python 2.7.6 on 10 November 2013 and is limited to bug fixes.[1]


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