Problem exporting to git

Mark Grandi markgrandi at
Mon Mar 3 20:00:34 UTC 2014

Why not use bzr-git to just push directly to a git repo? I've used it
to push some bzr repos to github
From: David Engster
Sent: 3/3/2014 12:49 PM
To: bazaar at
Subject: Re: Problem exporting to git
Frits Jalvingh writes:
> Yeah, the output as shown above shows the same rename two times, once in the
> "toplevel" merge and again in the merge that is part of that "toplevel" merge.
> I suppose it is that what is causing the trouble. I am not that sure how to fix
> it, but apparently I'll need to become more of an expert to prevent my history
> to be lost 8-/

Instead of using fast-export/import, I suggest you use the bzr remote
helper in git. At least from my experience it works *way* better. You
should make sure to use the latest version though, which is linked here:

Good luck,

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