'bzr join' losing revisions?

JP Vossen jp at jpsdomain.org
Thu Jan 23 09:30:27 UTC 2014

I have a directory structure (tree (format: 2a)) like:
	top			# revno 741	# shared repository: .
		repo1		# revno 825	# shared repository: top
		repo2		# revno 809	# shared repository: top

Both repo1 and repo2 were originally in top, but I broke them out using 
'bzr split'.  Now I need to move some code (and revisions and history) 
from repo1 to repo2.  What I think I want to do at a high level is:
	bzr join repo1 and repo2 && bzr ci
	bzr mv repo1/some/code /repo2/elsewhere && bzr ci
	bzr split repo1 and repo2 && bzr ci

But when I do this:
	cd top
	bzr join repo1
	bzr join repo2
	bzr ci

All 3 locations go to revno 742 and as far as I can see I just lose the 
741+ stuff in repo1&2!  (I'm working with copies and have backups and 
all that, so the only problem is that I can't do what I want...)

I have a script that does the work, and I've been at this for hours and 
everything else works except these lost revisions.  What am I missing here?

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