CVS "just works?"

Bulgrien, Kevin Kevin.Bulgrien at
Mon Sep 9 20:35:24 UTC 2013

> Can we please stop the CVS threads?  bzr is having enough issues
> recently without the mailing list turning into a giant
> redundant flame war.

Since apparently I started all this, I'll take the liberty of
dragging it out a step further ;-)...

Long and short is that we all have our own tastes.  I prefer Bazaar,
by far, of the two DVCS I have tried.  I don't need anyone to agree
with me on that... and that is a-okay with me if people do not.  I
might change my opinion about this tool or that under this or that
cirsumstance.  I do not need a single VCS any more than I need only
one of any other kind of tool.  I also don't feel a need for others
to agree with my view of git, SVN, or CVS... Why can't we all just
agree to be agreeable?

But, self, face it, no amount of flaming or warring, or even ironclad
sensibility, will make that happen... I'll just get back to getting
things done.  I agree all this blather won't really change anyone's
mind, and it just distracts us from why we are here in the first
place - unless of course, its because we love to act the troll.

Kevin R. Bulgrien

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