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Thu Sep 5 14:08:28 UTC 2013

Thanks for the notice.  I ordered a copy for work.  It was encouraging to see a book after the spate of concern about Bazaar's development status and it was really interesting to see the announcement close on the heels a surprise release of Bazaar.

My peers and I primarily (an un-ashamedly) use <gasp>CVS</gasp> at work, but I've had a long-term desire to incorporate a newer tool with benefits of a modern VCS.  Until Bazaar caught my interest, other VCS seemed to overly complicate a transition away from the simplicity of CVS or introduce problems as, or more, gnarly than CVS' failings.  Our developers don't want to have to be VCS wizards.

Bazaar has a lot of functionality, but it caters to so many workflows that it makes transition from CVS more comfortable.  Use via ssh: fits ours like a glove, and one can easily slip into Bazaar use without having to completely toss CVS experience.  Loggerhead's web view builds upon ViewVC and other newer tools seem to fall way short.  We still use CVS because it "just works", doesn't get in the way. It's sometimes hard to feel we have time to spend figuring out something else, but this book may just help people warm up to a change.

The book is proving to be an easy read, and though I've used Bazaar (sporadically at home and at work), the first few chapters introduced helpful features that had not exposed themselves prior.  I'm sold on it even though I'm still only part way through it.  The author's presentation method is effective with respect to bringing user's up to speed with not only Bazaar, but also with VCS in general.  All too frequently, we have to explain to new engineers what VCS is, ways to use it, and why it is important.  Explaining GUI and command-line use in parallel is an excellent strategy... fairly introducing each to let the reader decide and showing where each shine in various aspects of use.

I don't find myself recommending books often, but look forward to going through the rest of the book, and heartily pass along kudos for this one.

Kevin R. Bulgrien
Design and Development Engineer

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