bzr-email fails if committer has non-ascii gecos

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Aug 30 07:46:24 UTC 2013

>>>>> Glenn Morris <rgm at> writes:

    > Glenn Morris wrote:
    >> (I still wonder why it is apparently using the system gecos data for the
    >> From: address rather than the `bzr whoami' data.)

    > Oh, I think I get it now. With clients pushing changes to a central
    > server, and the server sending out the commit emails, the email plugin
    > does not have access to the user's bzr configuration on their client
    > machines, so the server information is all that it can use.

I'm not sure I follow as trying to dig the original traceback you sent I
end up in 

    def from_address(self):
        """What address should I send from."""
        result = self.config.get('post_commit_sender')
        if result is None:
            result = self.config.get('email')
        return result

So for that execution neither 'post_commit_sender' nor 'email' is
defined but that doesn't match your description that the committer email
is used (which in any case shouldn't require obtaining the gecos field

So either I miss something or you've tried different approaches and... I
miss something else ;)

Either bzr-email send emails from a fixed From in which case it always
fail or succeed or it derives the From from the revisions info in which
case it shouldn't need to query the local system (where the committer
login may not exist or exists for someone else).

I'm confused O_0


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