about the delta technique used in Bazaar

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Tue Jul 2 06:07:06 UTC 2013

bzr's compression is in the
module. Briefly, this stores a set of related file versions together, and
then does gzip entropy compression across the whole set of them. This gives
a good compression, including compression across files, while bounding the
amount of data that has to be read to unpack any single versions. Files are
recompressed over time in to larger groups (up to a certain ceiling) so
that older versions get more compression and slightly longer access time.

On 2 July 2013 15:08, Bo Chen <chen at chenirvine.org> wrote:

> version control systems usually use delta techniques to optimize the
> storage of the repository. Can anyone tell me what delta technique
> Bazaar uses? Reverse delta? forward delta? others?
> Thanks.
> Bo

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