Bazaar and Debian

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Mon Jun 24 03:43:37 UTC 2013

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There is somewhat of a misunderstanding in the idea that "GNU" could
"become the primary project maintainer".  GNU is an operating system;
it can't maintain software.

The GNU Project can maintain software, but the way the GNU Project
does anything is through volunteers.  Thus, every GNU package has one
or more persons who are the maintainers.  The maintainers' job is to
get the program's maintenance done and follow GNU Project conventions.

When we made Bzr a GNU package, I appointed Martin Pool as the
maintainer.  He did the job well, but then he stopped.  So I appointed
John Meinel as maintainer -- but he has not been doing what a
maintainer is supposed to do.

Thus, we need a new maintainer.

This does not require Canonical to "hand off" anything.  It is fine if
the maintainer works with Canonical, or works for Canonical as Martin
did -- just as long as he does what a maintainer needs to do.

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