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Fri Jun 14 14:04:00 UTC 2013

> It's important to distinguish between bzr-svn (lp:bzr-svn) and bzr core
> (lp:bzr) here. There is certainly a lack of maintenance on the first, but
> the second is still seeing changes, albeit at a lower frequency than a
> couple of
> years ago.
Well, there are commits, but it is not a pretty picture.... Look for
instance at

and click "show as graph" below "All time statistics", then "commits" and
picture does look more than bleak... I have tried to find out if I could
also get
information about fixed bugs for bazaar core over time, but I failed to
that - I wonder if bugs are being fixed at all.. Since I am starting to hit
bugs (we now have had two merges to take way more time than planned due
to Bazaar bugs), and since it looks like they will not be fixed I also
started the
process of migrating to git - which is a choice I really, really hate, I
find Git's
user interface more than bad. But running unsupported software will cause
huge problems in the end..

It is a real pity; although bazaar is slow it is still very good. But since
all our
infrastructure is based around it migrating will take a lot of time, and
it now reduces the risk of running into really big problems.


Frits Jalvingh
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