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Barry Warsaw barry at
Thu Jun 13 18:39:48 UTC 2013

On Jun 13, 2013, at 07:02 PM, Russel Winder wrote:

>To some extent yes. Like you I was finding more and more projects I had
>to work with shifting to Git, or in a few case Mercurial. I was though
>trying to "keep the faith" for projects still using Subversion, i.e. use
>Bazaar rather than Git as client. Now this is broken I will have to
>switch them to Git and use Bazaar only for those projects still working
>with Launchpad for their mainline and bug tracker, which is one. And
>that is going to change as part of the re-energizing of that project.

For whatever it's worth, I suspect I'll do the same eventually.  It's getting
harder to justify using Bazaar for FLOSS projects where you want to get a lot
more outside contributors.  This makes me sad because I really like Bazaar and
love Launchpad.

We've had this debate most recently over in the Mailman project, but there we
have a couple of added things to consider.  First, Mailman is a GNU project
and Bazaar is the GNU recommended dvcs.  Second, we cannot host our code on a
closed source hosting platform, so that rules out Github and Mercurial.

Thankfully, Launchpad is AGPL.  I know that there are FLOSS code hosting for
git and hg, but switching dvcs *and* code hosting is way more project
management work than I want to do currently, plus I'd rather not split
services and I really like Launchpad's bug tracker.

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