commit emails from a central server with bzr 2.6

Glenn Morris rgm at
Wed Jun 5 17:56:20 UTC 2013


Robert Collins wrote:

> If the plugin is installed on the server either globally or in the
> users .bazaar directory, *and* the client is using a smart protocol to
> push - bzr:// or bzr+ssh://, then the email hook code will execute on
> the server.

Yes, the client was using bzr+ssh and the plugin was installed globally
(apt-get install bzr-email).

> If it ran locally for you, you had the plugin installed locally -

Yes, mainly so I could see the code and docs more easily.

(I guess this means if I do get it working on the server, and any
developers have it installed locally on their machines, we could get two
sets of commit emails, unless they disable their local copy of the plugin.)

> While I'm not very active in bzr anymore, I'd be happy to help you
> debug why bzr-email isn't sending mail from the server side.

Thanks! I do appreciate you former bzr folks sticking around and trying
to help out on this mailing list.

> To start with, check in ~/.bzr.log on the server and ensure the email
> plugin reports as loading

Thanks for reminding me about bzr.log. I was originally looking in
/var/log and seeing nothing. I found the log in /var/lib/bzr/.bzr.log.
Whee, it is 8GB in size. Looks like we really need to logrotate that...

> Secondly set post_commit_push_pull in the config on the server:

I did try setting that in my test branch on the server. It didn't seem
to make a difference. (I'm wary of this option, because I really don't
want an email every time someone, including anonymous users, pulls from
the branch, if that is what that option really means. That would be
worse than useless.)

> If there isn't, edit the plugin to default that on, rather than off.

IIUC, not an option. There are many bzr branches on Savannah, and this
is not appropriate for them all.

I had it enabled in .bzr/branch/branch.conf in the relevant branch on
the server. That ought to be enough, shouldn't it?

Anyway, now I know it is supposed to work, and about bzr.log, I will try
again and report back.

Vincent Ladeuil wrote:

> I also provided hints about how to add a SavannahStack to provide
> ad-hoc configuration in a previous thread if you end up needing a
> specific fix.

Yes, thank you for that too. Having looked at it more, I think we only
need to restrict the option post_commit_mailer.

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