commit emails from a central server with bzr 2.6

Glenn Morris rgm at
Wed Jun 5 07:38:47 UTC 2013


Having given up on bzr-hookless-email [1] for sending commit
notifications from with bzr 2.6, I tried the bzr-email
plugin. Installing this on the server seems to do nothing. Instead when
I make a commit from my remote client machine, it is the _client
machine_ that tries to send out the commit email. This fails because my
machine is not configured to send external mail. I was not expecting it
to work this way, I was expecting the email to come from the central
server machine.

That is what
ask for, and it was said "bzr-email supports this just fine".

Buried in
I find:

    The email plugin sends email from each individual developer's
    computer. This can be useful for situations that want to track what
    each individual developer is working on. On the downside, it
    requires that every developer's branches be configured individually
    to use the same plugin.

which seems to say that it does _not_ "support this just fine".

That page suggests bzr-email-notifier, which I had never heard of before.
I am reluctant to spend any time investigating this because it looks
pretty dead, like bzr-hookless-email.

Please can anyone tell me if there is any way that works with bzr 2.6 to
send commit emails from a central server?


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