Is there a command to check if a revision is later than another (ie is a parent or ancestor of another).

Nicholas Allen nick at
Fri Mar 22 07:45:32 UTC 2013


Our software has an auto bug reporting feature and we know the revision 
id when the software crashes. If we fix the crash we mark the report as 
fixed and with the revision it is fixed in. If the report comes in again 
I would like the auto reporter to check if the version it crashed in is 
later than the version it was fixed in and if so reopen the issue. Also 
when I annotate a file it would be nice to be able to ask Bazaar on the 
command line "Is revision x later than revision y". That way I can also 
manually check stuff based on the line that was fixed and the revision 
that annotate shows me.

Is this possible or is there a simple plugin for this?



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