Bazaar Explorer freezes - how to fix?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Jan 9 21:08:08 UTC 2013

David Roth пишет:
> We are using bazaar and bazaar explorer to manage a quite large working 
> tree with 8786 files, 67M Branch-Size and over 7200 commits.
> We are quite happy with the usability and simplicity of bzaar explorer, 
> but unfortunately we have major problems with lots of gui freezes in 
> bazaar explorer. The freezes take several minutes and most of the times 
> i have to kill the 100% bzr processes in the process explorer and 
> restart bazaar explorer to get my things done.
> I have already browsed the bug tracker and it may be due to this bug: 

I've tried to find the possible reasons of slowness, and find out that 
one of the trigger is process of creation of rich content for status 
of the tree for very many files is incredible slow. That's either 
PyQt4 problem or Qt is just not designed to use such rich content in 
big volumes.

If you have freezes on relatively small number of changed files (like 
less 10-20) then your problem is most likely different.

I've used custom logging code in the explorer code itself. That 
requires one to understand the explorer's code though.

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