WindowsError: [Error 5]

john welford john.welford at
Tue Jul 31 14:54:25 UTC 2012

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out.

I'm using Bazaar to version control a whole set of different files between
a few different machines. On a previous windows XP machine I was able to
use the whole user area as my repository and only add the files that I
wanted to control.

I have just upgraded to a windows 7 machine (64bit) and there seem to be
some issues with the preconfigured folders not being accessible by Bazaar.
I have been able to commit files fine, but when I try to open a window to
add new files it crashes as it tries to display them, with the error:

bzr: ERROR: [Error 5] Access is denied:
u'C:/Users/welf/AppData/Local/Application Data\\*.*'
(It also seems to have issues with "My Music" and similar)

Any thoughts on why it's happening or a way round the problem?

(I suspect that it would work if I had the repository at a lower level
without any "windows" folders, but that is not really the way I'd like to
work. I don't actually need to version control anything in these folders,
so if they can be skipped in some way that would be fine.)
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