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Fri Jul 27 19:49:08 UTC 2012

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On 12-07-27 12:19 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Aaron Bentley writes:
>> What is the rationale for specifying FILE when you don't want to 
>> override the automatic behaviour?
> That I haven't yet fixed the conflicts in other files, of course.

That doesn't really explain it, because bzr won't automatically mark a
text conflict resolved if the file has any conflict markers in it.
The real answer is that you don't trust no-argument "bzr resolve", right?

> In general, I mistrust "automatic" behaviors; they very often bite
> me where I can't see them coming.  Bazaar is supposed to be better 
> (there's lots of testimony to that effect) but what "bzr resolve"
> (in any form) does is poorly documented

I don't stipulate this.  I find it well-documented.  However, I will
cheerfully accept suggestions for improvements.

> -- *I* at least have little confidence that it will DWIM, let alone
> DTRT in areas I haven't thought carefully enough about.  So I would
> *never* use "bzr resolve --all" (especially now that vila confirms
> that it behaves as documented

Why are we talking about --all?

> I really don't understand your aversion to safe, reliable behavior 
> here.

I do think that it is reliable.  It does what you tell it to if it
can, and if it can't, it errors.

I think that your suggestion to make it "safe" simply makes it
redundant.  Although we disagree, I think you should only specify
arguments in cases where bzr cannot automatically determine that the
conflict has been resolved.  The majority of these cases will be
non-text conflicts such as duplicate filenames, modifying a deleted
file, etc.  If you need to specify FILE to resolve a text conflict,
that means bzr could not automatically detect that the conflict was
resolved.  If --no-check was required in that situation, it would
always be supplied, making it redundant.

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