treeless branches + lightweight co-s or colocated branches

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Tue Jun 19 07:47:18 UTC 2012


I'm new (old) Bazaar user who (finally) decided, after playing or using
most of DVCS - darcs, bzr, monotone, hg, fossil (git excluded), to
settle on bzr finding it the most intuitive & safe option for ourselves
and potential contributors for our open-source project coming from
Windows/Mac platform.

Yesterday we experimented with a shared repo + treeless branches and then
using lightweight checkouts and switch-ing between different branches.

It's very nice setup and now we use e.g. treeless repo + lightweight
checkouts for a running programs to keep their config data under dvcs,
but having repo in the other place.

Now, I wonder how does this setup (treeless branches + switching
lightweight checkouts compare with colocated branches?

Any pro/cons?

First thing I notice that the latter requires using new storage format
and second, I see that 2.6 docs
( use
future tense in several places, so we wonder how much is the 'colocated
branches' feature complete in the current bzr and what to expect in 2.6?

Is bzr-colo plugin obsolete now?


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