Migrating from SVN to DVCS.

Philip Peitsch philip.peitsch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 11:46:14 UTC 2012

Hi Daniel,

I've been using bzr+svn at my company since late 2010 with a decent amount
of success. It works as advertised for inter-bazaar trading, and works
generally well for bzr-svn.

Some rather important bugs to watch for:

   - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/485601
   - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/887880
   - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/628354

At my work, we were attempting to use svn as the main trunk point, with bzr
simply behaving as an svn client. This met with a lot of problems when
everyone was hosting their own repo's on their own computers. There seems
to be a bzr-svn bridge problem that causes revisions to not maintain
consistency between computers, so we would hit issues where we couldnt
merge each other's changes, and couldnt save or update from trunk.

The solution ended up being a slight workflow adjustment. Rather than
having developers commit to svn directly from their own machine & own
repository, we started requirement them to remote into a central shared
repository using putty.  Basically, no dev ever directly pulled or
committed changes from subversion, but rather, they'd all use the shared
repo.  This solved the broken repositories and changes... and without too
many hassles. A bit of developer re-training, but it worked well.

Never had any stability or speed problems really. We have some large
binaries checked in, and it all has functioned without a hitch for a while.
Apart from the inconsistent versioning issue (which as far as I am aware
can only be worked around by the previously described setup), it's been an
all-round win. Most of our devs were happy subversion users... and now
they're even happier bazaar users.

The primary down-side is the lack of tool integration, and the
unreliability of Bzr Explorer on larger trees under Windows. The linux
tooling is much slicker... so we generally only use the command line bzr,
and the qbzr tools (qcommit, qshelve, etc.).

I'm happy to field any questions or queries :)


On 7 June 2012 21:17, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net> wrote:

> Daniel Carrera пишет:
>  Hey,
>> This is an opinion question: Do you think that it is easier for a project
>> using SVN to migrate to Bzr than to Hg or Git? Well, for Git I think the
>> answer is obvious... so I'm thinking more of Bzr vs Hg. I am thinking of
>> things like:
>> * Foreign branches and the ability of the bzr-svn bridge to let an SVN
>> user switch to using bzr as an SVN client. The idea is that this gives an
>> easier transition path, as long as it works well. So it relates in part to
>> the quality of the bzr-svn bridge.
>> * I'm also thinking about how easy or hard it might be to actually
>> migrate a repository to Bzr... I know that this is a place where Hg
>> struggles a bit and I think I heard once that this has slowed down Hg's
>> acceptance (but don't quote me on that).
>> I'd be interested in any thoughts you have to share on this topic.
> bzr-svn plugin is very good on the task of either importing 1 branch or
> several branches from SVN to bzr. And as I remember it allows you to pull
> new content from SVN later. Usually it just works.

Philip Peitsch
Mob: 0439 810 260
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