Inconvenient behaviour difference between bazaar on linux and windows(MinGW/Msys)

David Ingamells david.ingamells at
Fri Apr 6 10:04:29 UTC 2012

>>> If so does anyone have any advice for installing Bazaar (and by implication python) in this MinGW+Msys environment?
>> Cygwin?
Thanks all for the suggestions/feedback. I could not find an available 
msys version of python.
The development team here need to build native windows executables, but 
they say that building under cygwin creates executabes that need cygwin 
at run time which is a pain for their users.
Building under MinGS+Msys avoids that problem.

My personal choice would be to tell the users to use a decent OS like 
Ubuntu ;^)
> Not exactly, but similar: MSYS is a fork of (an old version of)
> Cygwin, and one of the main things it does is support Unix style
> /foo/bar file names.
> If I were the OP, I would simply refrain from invoking bzr from the
> MSYS Bash or from other MSYS tools.
That will indeed be my fallback if all else fails (it may eventually 
only be 'bzr revno' that is needed at build time).



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