Error running svn-import ... ghost in ancestry?

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I think I figured this out.  I have some revisions in my Subversion
repository which BOTH delete a node, AND create another node by copying
from the node I'm deleting.  In the same revision.  I think Subversion's
flexibility is a detriment to me here.  The svn log output for that
revision follows:



r5152 | danm | 2009-05-29 10:57:09 -0600 (Fri, 29 May 2009) | 2 lines

Changed paths:

   D /tng/mrld-p3e-activity-property-rollup-svc/branches/api6.2.1

   A /tng/mrld-p3e-activity-property-rollup-svc/trunk (from


Repatriate api6.2.1 branch to trunk.



This is confusing bzr-svn.  In theory I don't think it should because
the Node-copyfrom-rev is 5151, which is the revision before this one,
and in that revision the node I'm copying from still exists.  But I
guess what I'm doing is kind of silly.


The error is happening when I run bzr svn-import.


I think I can fix this by doing svnadmin dump, hacking the dump file (in
this case, probably by moving the delete operation into revision 5151
and changing Node-copyfrom-rev to 5150), re-creating my Subversion
repository, and re-running the import.  Or maybe it would be as simple
as re-ordering the delete and add operations in the dump file.


I'm doing a one-time conversion and I'm already following this general
process to fix a few cases where sloppy use of Subversion breaks the
ancestry of a project when it's imported into Bazaar.


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Hi Dan,

Am 22/03/12 17:49, schrieb Dan MacMillan: 

I'm migrating some of our projects from Subversion into Bazaar and a
couple of them show errors like this:


bzr: ERROR: Could not determine revno for
rty-rollup-svc/branches/api6.2.1:5152} because its ancestry shows a
ghost at


I'm not sure how to interpret this.  It seems to be saying it is its own
ancestor?  Am I reading that right?

It's mostly saying that it's trying to determine the revision number for
a revision that is not actually present in the repository.

When are you getting this error, exactly?



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