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Fri Mar 23 21:04:45 UTC 2012

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On 12-03-23 04:13 PM, Mark Grandi wrote:
> (sorry, resent. I suck at mailing lists)
> Me and Jelmer had a conversation about this on IRC 
> ( and I brought up that it would be
> nice to have it so if you checkout/branch into a directory that has
> conflicts (aka it tries to branch a file named foo.txt but foo.txt
> already exists), it should abort the branch/checkout and tell the
> user, and then make them choose to either move the conflicting
> files to .moved (current behavior), replace the conflicting files,
> or merge them (and have them conflicting like Kevin was wanting.

I don't see how you can merge the files.  A three-way merge requires
three versions of the file: the local version (THIS), the branch
version (OTHER), and the version they derived from (BASE).  We don't
know what version they derived from, so we can't perform a three-way

> but i feel having bzr require an option to move the conflicting
> files to .moved would be easy enough to implement (and just have it
> abort if there are conflicting files by default), and would prevent
> headaches like this in the future, until the ideal fix is figured
> out

The whole point of conflicts is that the user can decide what's the
correct resolution.  They should not be something to be feared.  They
are just what you get when bzr can't know exactly what you wanted.
Tools like "resolve --take-this" should enable to you automate your
choices, and shell scripting should also be easy.

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