best way to add unknowns from the command line?

David Ingamells david.ingamells at
Thu Mar 22 14:21:40 UTC 2012

Since you seem to be using unix from your directory path syntax why 
don't you write a little bit of bash - or python - or perl - to loop 
over what bzr status returns and prompt before adding or filter that 
list on a specific subdirectory?

Unix has a fantastic amount of tooling that works great together but 
still people still seem to want every tool to re-invent every wheel and 
do everything including wash the dishes.
I have to say that bzr isn't very unix friendly in this regard as it 
doesn't have a command option that just lists the unknown files without 
any spurious test.

e.g. in bash if bzr status just lists unknown files (and no changed, 
removed, ...) you could do something like the following

    pushd `bzr root`

    for f in `bzr status | egrep "^path/for/my/desired/subdirectory"`
    bzr add $f

On 22/03/12 12:04, Iwata wrote:
> I want a option to ignore outside of specified subdir, rather than 
> stopping recursion by depth.
> It may improve performance, and reasonable enough.
> This is not only about qadd, but also qcommit and qrevert.
> 2012/03/22 18:41 "Alexander Belchenko" <bialix at 
> <mailto:bialix at>>:
>     Vincent Ladeuil пишет:
>                             Alexander Belchenko <bialix at
>                             <mailto:bialix at>> writes:
>         > Chris Hecker пишет:
>         >> bzr qadd takes forever to launch because it expands entire
>         unknown
>         >> directories on load, which is silly.
>         > I don't think it's silly.
>         Me neither but hey, some people just talk this way (figure of
>         speech and
>         stuff like that [1])...
>         On the other hand, an option to stop at the unknown directory
>         level
>         could probably help (such directories could then be either
>         ignored or
>         explored one level at a time or in full under user control).
>     The whole idea of add is "add unknown files and directories".
>     Where we should stop? Why? Why don't user ignore directories with
>     huge amount of garbage? Where is balance?


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