Release testing and the relationship between 'bzr selftest' and plugins

Martin Packman martin.packman at
Fri Mar 16 13:22:19 UTC 2012

On 15/03/2012, Vincent Ladeuil <vila+bzr at> wrote:
> On OSX, using a ram disk is a serious boost especially on laptops where
> hard disks are often of the 5400rpm specie.
> I think I had a recipe for that, let me dig...
> #!/bin/sh
> # Size in MB
> SIZE=${1:-512}

I use a 32MB ramdisk on win32 which is enough for a full selftest run,
now it's cleaning up after itself well enough. I've got a change that
makes bt.test_setup use a tempdir rather than clobbering things in
place which then wants much more space though.

Is there some neat way trying to create a big file with python to
catch ENOSPC and skip the test? Nix does fancy sparse things if you
just seek forwards and write something, and actually writing megabytes
of junk would be daft. It also seems unreliable:

    >>> file("B:/big", "w").write("\0" * ((1<<20) * 48))
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    IOError: [Errno 0] Error


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