[ANN] bzr 2.5.0 released

Vincent Ladeuil vila+bzr at canonical.com
Thu Mar 15 12:45:11 UTC 2012

Sorry for the delay,

>>>>> Alex Lewis <alex.lewis001 at gmail.com> writes:

    > Hi,
    >   I might be asking a silly question so please accept my apologies now just in 
    > case :) 

    >   I'm running Bazaar 2.4.2-1 on Ubuntu 11.04, which I installed from the Ubuntu 
    > repositories (a while back when it was just 2.4 I think). I'd like to upgrade to 
    > 2.5 so...

https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa has been updated and provides
2.5.0 for 11.04.

    > * Will this release hit the Ubuntu repositories for 11.04 or is this only for a 
    > later release of Ubuntu? 
    > * If not is there a PPA I can use to get it? I looked at the bzr release PPA on 
    > Launchpad and that seems to be at 2.4. I'm probably looking in the wrong place 
    > though :)

Right place but wrong timing :-P


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