bzr 2.5.0 - Problem with https+webdav

Vincent Ladeuil vila+bzr at
Mon Mar 12 17:10:27 UTC 2012

>>>>> Andreas Sommer <andreas.sommer87 at> writes:

    > Hi,
    > since I updated from 2.5b1 to 2.5b6 (now I'm reporting this problem with
    > the stable version 2.5.0), I'm having problems when trying to push using
    > password-protected https+webdav (on Apache with mod_dav).

    > I always get the following output. This is on Windows, and note that I
    > disable certificate checking because I have a self-signed certificate
    > and didn't yet read up about recent changes in Bazaar regarding that:

Can you retry the same command with the -Dhttp debug parameter added ?

It's probably best to file a bug to track the issue so you can attach
the relevant part of the .bzr.log file (where -Dhttp will output more
info), 'bzr version' will tell you where the .bzr.log file is on your


    > Looking into my Apache log, the problem seems to be a PUT statement
    > (guess it's the .pack file upload?!):

    > [...] - myusername [10/Mar/2012:21:24:20 +0100] "PUT
    > /bzr/repositoryname/.bzr/repository/upload/yhldic2a8qeuzq76wpof.pack
    > HTTP/1.1" 400 522 "-" "bzr/2.5.0 (urllib)"

    > Any ideas? (Does anyone else use webdav?)

Did you upgrade anything else than bzr itself, did you have a working
setup before that, is there some unusual pattern regarding the access
rights for the files/dirs there ?

'400' is the error code for 'Bad Request'... could it be that somehow
the webdav server part is configured in such a way that it's not enabled
there ?

Are you may be pushing to a new path where webdav is not configured ?

    > Note that I patched the webdav module to work with bzr 2.5 - was just a
    > missing function parameter, so that cannot cause the problem:
    > <>

I've commented there, thanks for that.


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