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> Hello,
> On 26.02.2012 19:16, Martin Packman wrote:
>> This sounds like a great idea. I'm not sure if it makes sense for
>> Bazaar to apply as a mentoring organisation (and the deadline for that
>> is only a bit over a week away), but perhaps you propose a project
>> under the Ubuntu banner? Daniel Holbach is coordinating things there,
>> and there's a wiki page we could add bzr+ubuntu project ideas to:
>> <>
> I'm not really coordinating things at the Ubuntu side. This cycle and
> next are likely going to be too busy for me to be able to commit to
> doing it. I just felt it necessary to remind everyone of the GSoC2012 dates.
> All the best with your project.
> Have a great day,
>  Daniel
I'm seeing a lot of project ideas coming, but as the deadline for
organisation application will be quite soon, it would be good idea to
know if Canonical will offer GSoC projects in the first place and who
will be the supervisor(s).

See also the thread

In the meantime, I will edit the wiki page to include my detailed
project idea that I wrote to the list.
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