[ANN] bzr-2.5.0 has been frozen !

Vincent Ladeuil vila+bzr at canonical.com
Fri Feb 24 11:12:28 UTC 2012


Here comes 2.5.0 !

All plugin authors should now have official releases for inclusion,
installer builders should take note of which tips they're shipping

As usual, replying to this mail to tell which versions of which plugins
are packaged is highly encouraged.

See the Changelog at https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.5.0 for more
details about what is included and for the tarball.

The plan is to make the official announcement on Tuesday 2011-03-06 so
we get a bit more time to kick the installer tires (i.e. don't wait one
more week to build them or they *won't* be tested ;)

Have fun !


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