Experiences with Bazaar in a Commercial Environment

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Feb 24 09:46:17 UTC 2012

Martin Geisler writes:

 > Actually, as long as you haven't made any commits since your last pull,
 > then Mercurial will allow you to use 'hg update' to merge your dirty
 > working copy after a 'hg pull'. Before the pull you are here

Right.  You can do that, but it requires thinking about it.  You can't
(AFAIK) do "hg update" on a commit you haven't pulled yet.  You can
also do "git pull [or merge] --squash" to get a similar effect.
Again, you need to think about it.  This is basically 100% about the
user's state of mind and most straightforward line of thought.

With bazaar in a heavyweight checkout, it's hard to think straight
about the VCS because (a) bazaar is refusing to do what you want (ie,
commit your work) and (b) you're in a centralized workflow (usually
because the idea of a decentralized workflow makes you -- or maybe the
project manager -- break out in a cold sweat).

 >   hg resolve --tool internal:local
 > This is not a very [...] well known feature, in fact, some
 > old-timers swore that it didn't exist when I last mentioned it on
 > our mailinglist :)


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