Bazaar and online code review.

Dan MacMillan danm at
Thu Feb 16 21:24:46 UTC 2012

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> I too have bemoaned the lack of bazaar support in Crucible and other Atlassian
> products.  There is an open issue for this here:
>  Please do vote for it and raise its
> profile.

I did so.

> Crucible could support your code in one of two ways:
> 1. bazaar-svn is fantastic.  Push your bazaar code to a central subversion
> repository and have Crucible watch the bazaar repository.

Do you have to do anything special to review commits on branches other than trunk?  Or do you only review trunk revisions?

> 2. Crucible can watch a filesystem instead of a source control repository.  Have
> it watch the central folder where you push your bazaar commits to.  I hvaen't
> done this one specifically, but its worth a shot.

I'm inclined to prefer the bzr-svn approach.

Thanks for your ideas.


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