'not present: %r', StaticTuple('', '', 'TREE_ROOT'))

Stefan Monnier monnier at IRO.UMontreal.CA
Mon Feb 13 22:26:23 UTC 2012

>> I get the above error when I try
>> bzr co bzr://bzr.sv.gnu.org/emacs/elpa
>> I'm afraid all users will get this same error.  Is the
>> repository corrupted?  How can I uncorrupt it?
> Why "bzr co"? what did you want to accomplish?

Get a copy of the branch, obviously.  The same error occurs with
`branch' instead of `checkout', of course.  That's a pretty serious
problem, I think.

> I did a "bzr pull" just now, and it pulled without any problems.

Hmm, so if you were lucky enough to checkout the branch before the
corruption, things might work.


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