Error with Bazaar through FTP: Unrecognised container format

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Feb 8 04:42:03 UTC 2012

On 8 February 2012 06:56, Fbe546 <fbe546 at> wrote:
> Maybe someone familiar with the source code of Bazaar could answer
> this question before I begin to dig into it:
> How hard would it be to replace the use of APPE with a GET and a PUT ?
> It would surely be less efficient, but at least it would work...

There is already support for doing this in transport/ftp/,
the has_append attribute.  If the server doesn't support APPE at all
we fall back to this.  Apparently we have not yet encountered a server
that has an append but where it doesn't work properly.  You could
fairly easily check the location config stack for a new variable
ftp.disable_append and then turn that on.  It would be at least worth

If it's true, as it seems, that the problem is the server is not
read-after-write coherent with itself on a single file, I don't know
why PUT would be any more coherent than APPE....


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