Bazaar and online code review.

Dan MacMillan danm at
Tue Feb 7 21:47:59 UTC 2012



My company is evaluating the use of online code review tools such as
Atlassian Crucible.  Although we don't yet have all of our repositories
migrated from Subversion to Bazaar, we have been using Bazaar for a bit
over a year and we really like it.  The model and the philosophy seem to
suit us very well.  However since there has been less uptake of Bazaar
than Mercurial or Git it seems to be less well supported in other tools
like Crucible.


First I will ask the question straight up ... is it possible to use
Bazaar with Crucible directly?  It doesn't seem to be supported.


Failing that what I thought we might do is have a Mercurial repository
that shadows our Bazaar repository in more or less real-time and have
Crucible point to the Mercurial repository.  It's not ideal and I don't
really know how well it would work ... it's clumsy.


I'd be interested to hear how other Bazaar users have been approaching


Dan MacMillan


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