Error with Bazaar through FTP: Unrecognised container format

Fbe546 fbe546 at
Mon Feb 6 21:16:17 UTC 2012


For more than one year, we've had a fully functionnal Bazaar
repository, centralized at a FTP server.

Suddenly, we all got the following error when we try to commit:

*bzr: ERROR: Unrecognised container format: 'B246'*

If I try to recreate another setup by scratch now, I get the same error:

$ bzr init-repo --verbose --no-trees ftp://user@ftp.domain.tld/repository2
Shared repository (format: 2a)
  shared repository: ftp://user@ftp.domain.tld/repository2/
$ bzr init
Created a repository branch (format: 2a)
Using shared repository: ftp://user@ftp.domain.tld/repository2/
$ cd .bzr checkout ftp://user@ftp.domain.tld/repository2/branch branch
$ cd branch
$ bzr mkdir www
added www
$ bzr commit -m " "
Committing to: ftp://user@ftp.domain.tld/repository2/branch/
added www
bzr: ERROR: Unrecognised container format: 'B246'

The FTP is hosted in a mutualized hosting (at, so it is
unlikely that something has changed in its configuration (or is it?).

Does anyone has an idea of where these errors could come from ? Our
workflow is totally paralized until we fix that :(

Thanks a lot,

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