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Shashank Munim smunim at
Sat Feb 4 14:31:36 UTC 2012

Good morning all

I am looking for a short term assignment resource in NYC for a Bazaar 

POSITION REQUIREMENT - Bazaar Project Manager

A NY government agency is seeking consulting services to setup Bazaar and 
get it operational within a large web site environment .
- Implementation of a version control system allowing effective management 
of the website.
- The Project Manager must have hands on experience with the installation, 
configuration and implementation of Bazaar software using a decentralized 
version management model.
- Candidate must be very familiar with and be able to teach the fundamentals 
of Bazaar release 2.x to Systems Development staff, System Administration 
staff, and the Webmaster.
- The Project Manager will work directly in teaching how to install, 
configure, maintain, and manage a Bazaar implementation.
- The Project Manager is required to possess a working knowledge of the 
Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.
- Relevant experience of working with large web sites is highly preferred.

Pls either send me your resumes at earliest OR if you are aware of where I 
can tap into a pool of qualified resources, please redirect me.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Shashank Munim
smunim at
516 342 5461

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