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Michael Gliwinski Michael.Gliwinski at
Fri Jan 27 14:23:53 UTC 2012

On Thursday 19 Jan 2012 17:40:12 Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Support for colocated branches in has now progressed to a level
> where it is actually usable. At the moment, colocated branch support
> still requires the 'development-colo' format. This should be merged back
> into the default ('2a') format for 2.5.0 so it would work out of the box
> with existing branches.
> ...
> The known bugs for colocated branches can be found here:
> If you hit other bugs, please file a report. It would also be interested
> to hear your general impression of colocated branches, and what you like
> and don't like about it.

It's looking very good indeed.  All the issues I encountered seem to be UI-
related and already have bug reports.

A couple of questions

If you delete the active branch (rmbranch) it seems to delete the checkout 
too, is there a way to then checkout/switch to another branch?  Or should this 
be disallowed maybe?

Currently 'bzr branch plain_old_branch file:new_branch,branch=foo' fails 
saying BzrDirMeta1 does not support co-located branches, is this just because 
the support is in separate format for now (i.e. will that work once 
development-colo is merged into 2a)?

What's the expected interaction with push?  Currently push only pushes the 
active branch, are you planning a separate command for pushing (and also 
pulling/syncing) the entire colocated workspace?

'bzr info' in a colocated workspace currently shows 'checkout of branch: .', I 
think it should maybe show the active branch name.  Were you planning on 
changing info?

Also, just noticed, info in colocated branch shows 'parent branch: .', even 
though parent_location in branch.conf is set to e.g. "../,branch=trunk/".

Thanks for your great work!

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