Recommendations on compacting revision history.

John Murtari jmurtari at
Wed Jan 25 20:06:14 UTC 2012


Have a web site project with about 1800 files.  Love bzr and it has
made management easy.   We notice that it seems to be slowing down
a bit when we do commits/updates.

Right now we are up to revision 400.     We really don't care about a lot
of that history and wondering if there is an 'approved' method for
compacting the revision history, e.g.  just save rev 1, 200, and 400.

I could see a way to do it by doing a checkout to an empty area of
rev 1, and then creating a repository there.  Then sort of overwriting that
with rev 200 (copied from another area), and doing a commit, .....

Sounds pretty messy and we would have to re add/remove a lot of stuff.
Anyway simpler?  I checked the docs, did some Google searches, but didn't
see anything.

Many thanks.

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