Excess data size for a single revision

Eli Zaretskii eliz at gnu.org
Wed Jan 25 04:01:34 UTC 2012

> From: Glenn Morris <rgm at gnu.org>
> Cc: Stefan Monnier <monnier at IRO.UMontreal.CA>,  john at arbash-meinel.com,  mbp at sourcefrog.net,  bazaar at lists.canonical.com
> Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:57:41 -0500
> Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > In any case, merging both from trunk to branch and back is not a good
> > idea, as the example of copyright changes demonstrates.
> That isn't really what happened. I'd already updated the trunk under the
> assumption that the emacs-23 branch was dead, then it was decided to
> make another release from that branch and I was asked to make the same
> change there [1]. Since we have already established that there is no
> other way to do the merge emacs-23 -> trunk, there is literally no other
> way this could have been done.

The problem that I'm talking about is that those changes got to the
trunk twice, not once.  Theses are the relevant revisions:

     99634.2.1006 Glenn Morris	2012-01-10
                 Add 2012 to FSF copyright years for Emacs files (do not merge to trunk)

     99634.21.7 Kenichi Handa	2012-01-13 [merge]

You are talking about the former, but what about the latter?

> Nobody else seems particularly interested in either of these tedious
> jobs (updating years, merging between branches) so I did them to the
> best of my abilities.

I have no doubt, and thank you.

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