Call for testing of colocated branch support in

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Thu Jan 19 18:39:55 UTC 2012

> Support for colocated branches in has now progressed to a level
> where it is actually usable. At the moment, colocated branch support still
> requires the 'development-colo' format. This should be merged back into the
> default ('2a') format for 2.5.0 so it would work out of the box with
> existing branches.

Woohay! Thanks for pushing it forward Jelmer.

> Using it should be fairly easy once you have a branch in the
> 'development-colo' format:

Most of it looks very nice.

> $ bzr rmbranch second-colo-branch

What about inheriting the git equivalent spelling for such commands.
>From cobzr help:

  cobzr branch -d <name>

	Delete branch <name>. Note that right now this is equivalent to
	git branch -D. In the future, this will check if the branch was
	merged and prevent deletion otherwise. The -d name was used to
	avoid teaching people to ignore by default.

  cobzr branch -m [<old name>] <new name>

	Move (rename) branch <old name> to <new name>. If <old name>
	isn't provided, the current branch will be moved.

There are also some other commands that might be nice to support:

  cobzr init <name>

        Create a new branch with <name>. Will not share any history with
        other branches.

  cobzr branch <name>

        Create a new branch with <name> based on the current one, but
        don't switch to it.

  cobzr branch <location>

        Fetch branch from location and store it on a branch name based
        on the location's suffix.

  cobzr branch <origin> <target>

        Create a new branch <target> based on branch <origin>. Either
        option may be a branch name or an external branch location.
        Note that the parameter ordering here differs from git's
        because it'd conflict with the native bzr branch command.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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