bzr-svn broken on Debian Unstable?

Russel Winder russel at
Sun Jan 22 11:15:45 UTC 2012

I can't put a date, or even a scale, to the problem but it seems that
the Bazaar set up on Debian Unstable means that Bazaar cannot now work
with Subversion repositories:

        |> bzr info
        Repository tree (format: 2a)
          shared repository: /home/Checkouts/Bazaar/Unison
          repository branch: .
        Related branches:
            push branch: bzr+ssh://
          parent branch: svn+
        |> bzr update
        Tree is up to date at revision 377 of branch /home/Checkouts/Bazaar/Unison/Trunk
        |> bzr pull
        Using saved parent location: svn+
        bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "svn+".                       

It's not just this repository, all my other Bazaar branches from
Subversion repositories have this problem.  Clearly this is a bit of a
blocker, fortunately Git and Mercurial have no problems with the
Subversion repositories so it isn't actually a blocker, I can still


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